Welcome to RIDA 2-1-1, Greater Twin Cities United Way's next generation Information and Referral application.

Click the Download Public RIDA 2-1-1 button to load the application to your computer. Once the download is complete, click the RIDA 2-1-1 setup icon and follow the instructions.

The application installer will install RIDA 2-1-1 to you computer and include launch icons for your Desktop and Start menu. This installer also includes an un-install for your convenience.

Note: RIDA 2-1-1 requires Java 1.6. If your computer does not have Java 1.6 or higher, this installer includes the Java 1.6 jre and will ask permissions and then install it for you.

There are two documents to assist you with this new product. You may download a MS-Word document for instructions on how to download and install the new RIDA product. And there is also a MS-Word document for how to perform searches using RIDA.